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The Olinsky Project and it's characters are © Amenia and Raven Balmont
The Olinsky Project Synopsis

A fight for freedom, The Olinsky Project is a story about three young men who have spent the majority of their lives involved in an experimentation program and their struggles with the real world, other worlds, and the forces that control their home, Driana.

A mix of magic, technology and scientific consequences; White, Seth and Daemon fight to oppose Alphonse Olinsky, a former fellow experiment who will do anything to bring the Olinsky Trio back under his control.
They also fight against the Kingdom, a controlling body of power held by the upper-class men and women of Driana.

Along the way, they will make both friends and enemies within Driana and the world beyond their own.

The Olinsky Project Character Sketches


Character sketches of the main cast of The Olinsky Project.

The Olinsky Project is a fantasy novel series currently in progress between Amenia and myself. The series is available online to read however it is still in progress and currently on hiatus due to personal committements.

All the sketches were done for this project by Godzilla23 as commission. The artwork and characters are copyright their respectful owners and are not to be used without permission.

Jezebel Downs

001 - Alphonse Olinsky

002 - Dorothy Faith

003 - Oliver Loke

004 - Nicholas Green

005 - Lilith (no last name)

006 - Daemon Hearts

007 - Seth Diederich

008 - White Fields

009 - Alexandra West

010 - Alexander West

Searching Arc - Part Two

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Hidden Arc - Part Two

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The Hidden Arc Part two would be updated within this week.

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